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Yes, It's been an annoying year since "DESDE EL ENSIMISMAMIENTO..." was born and started to blow your minds and souls (ok, it hasn't do that yet, but soon...). So I wanted to share with you that.
I know I've been so lazy the lastest days, but it's not my fault, I'm also suffering because I don't have an intenet conection at home anymore, but I promise there will be more posts soon.
Love ya!

To my fans (he he heh): The post below supposed to be a video... you know, some of my other fans wanted to celebrate my blog's birthday, just click on the image and see the video... thanks in advance ;)

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If you need milk or something to eat, do you steal it?

If you need new clothes, do you steal it?

Do you steal gasoline when you have to drive somewhere?

Do steal paintings when you need some art to your house?

Do you steal television if you wanna watch some important shows for you?


If you are selling cigarettes for living, can I steal them from you just because I don´t wanna pay for them? And still I need it!

I know it is so easy to think "I am just a little humanbeing, how does it hurt anyone if I just download this album".... and yes there are millions that kinda people in the world, and it means millions of dollars for the people who are making music as a job!
I never downloaded any song from internet! I respect musicians.

Jape (Jarno Perätalo)


* text posted at
The Unknown *
* Bands live for and thanks to music, so think twice before downloading any song from internet... *


Out now!!!

Like Never Before

"Follow me into damnation
fly with me into the skies,
cry or laugh it's all the same
the world keeps turning anyway.
My soul is aching like never before,
tonight I'm so alive;
dance with me now like never before
'cause we never know about tomorrow..."

* Reading those lines is not enough???
Now you can buy "Like never before" TDF new single!!!
And you can listen the complete version of that amazing song at TDF mysapce site!!! *


Coming soon...

Wounds Wide Open... coming soon!!!

"Follow me into damnation
fly with me into the skies,
cry or laugh it's all the same
the world keeps turning anyway.
My soul is aching like never before,
tonight I'm so alive;
dance with me now like never before
'cause we never know about tomorrow..."

*Wanna know more???
Stay tuned to "Desde el ensimismamiento..."*


God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone
Do you know what you want? You don't know for sure
You don't feel right, you can't find a cure
And you're gettin' less than what you're lookin' for

You don't have money or a fancy car
And you're tired of wishin' on a falling star
You gotta put your faith in a loud guitar

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to everyone (oh yeah)
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone

"Now listen"
If you wanna be a singer, or play guitar
Man, you gotta sweat or you won't get far
Cause it's never too late to work nine-to-five

You can take a stand, or you can compromise
You can work real hard or just fantasize
But you don't start livin' till you realize - "I gotta tell ya!"

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to everyone
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in your'e Soul

(Instrumental break)

God gave rock and roll to you (to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
Gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to everyone

God gave rock and roll to you (to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
Gave rock and roll to you, saved rock and roll for everyone
Saved rock and roll

chorus repeats out...

"I know life sometimes can get tough! And I know life sometimes can be a drag!
But people, we have been given a gift, we have been given a road
And that road's name is... Rock and Roll!"

* Yes, sometimes I regret about the only chance I could have in metal scene: I didn't wanna be the lead singer in a band (but you know, I sing like a dying pig)... I gave up singing lessons (grave mistake number two)... And I became just a fucking groupie, a listener...
But now I wanna fix that, really.
Will I be able to do it???
Don't know...
Metal is about attitude (I think I've got it), hard work, sweat and blood (I have a little of it), and talent (and I don't know if I have it at all)...
God gave rock and roll also to me, so... let's see... *

*Trying to define my today's mood...*

It happens all the time, when you pass the whole day listening to the same song which helps you feeling more doom, grim and depressed...

This is HURT, a Trent Reznor's (Nine Inch Nails) masterpiece, but the version I was listening to is a cover sang by Charon at Tavastia in Finland...
Alone in the dark surrounded by Jussi's voice and the amazing lyrics, with a big bunch of thoughts flyng in my head... and always YOU...

To live is to love the pain. Poisonblack - Lay your heart to rest


I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel

I focus on the pain

the only thing that's real

The needle tears a hole

the old familiar sting

try to kill it all away

but I remember everything.

What have I become?

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

goes away in the end

You could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt.

I wear this crown of shit

upon my liar's chair

Full of broken thoughts

I cannot repair

Beneath the stains of time

the feelings disappear

You are someone else

I am still right here.

What have I become?

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

goes away in the end

You could have it all

my empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt.

If I could start again

a million miles away

I would keep myself

I would find a way...

*Charon's Hurt video at Tavastia is available for downloading at Jana's Charon russian fan site http://www.frail-dreams.tk Enjoy!*


In solitude. Photo by Ricardo Meirelles

To wait is to die slowly,
to know a new form of despair,
to pass painfull time in solitude...

* Just can't wait to see you again... but the pain worth it... *

"La vasta noche
no es ahora otra cosa
que una fragancia"
Jorge Luis Borges. Dos (Diecisiete haiku)

Si se extiende la luz toma la forma de lo que está inventando la mirada (José Emilio Pacheco)

Caminaba bajo la lluvia, intentaba hacer conciente cada mínimo detalle de la noche. Sentía las gotas chocando contra su frío cuerpo (la piel erizábase en un constante ritmo de lluvia, como un latido, el latido de su corazón que se aceleraba lentamente, de manera casi imperceptible); escuchaba el golpe que hacían al caer sobre las plantas, el suelo, los autos. Susurraba el viento suaves palabras en sus oídos, traía como un lejano presagio la armoniosa risa que escuchara hacía pocas horas, acariciábale los labios. La tenue luz de las lámparas entraba sigilosamente en sus abiertos ojos y los llenaba de imágenes, un rostro se formaba imprimiéndose en las delgadas córneas...

Una chispa surgió desde el interior de su ser y, cual explosión, comenzó a crecer de manera imprevista, irrefrenable. Un delicioso orgásmico sabor llenó todo su cuerpo, lo extasió y paralizó por un momento, era el recuerdo de la noche de ayer.

*Para ti, obviamente...*


"We all are moons with our dark side
which is not shown to anyone
unless we want it."
(or something like that)
Mark Twain (The adventures of Mark Twain)

Life is a masquerade, a stupid comedy, an absurd play in which we all are characters -coherent but common, vulgar- which run directly to find our end in the third act.

But what's behind the mask? Beyond the face everybody sees?

Nothing but ourselves, nothing but our darkness: the most beautiful part of a human being, the secret most carefully saved, the truth of what we are and believe, our inner feelings, a riddle wraped in a mystery wraped in an enigma.

Mrs. Le Guin said once that "we like to think we live in daylight, but half the world is always dark" and I add, as ourselves; so why many of you feel ashamed of what you really are or feel?

Drak side is waiting to be felt, explored and loved. Just remember to show it only to the ones who deserve that amazing privilege, don't throw pearls to the pigs.

To YOU, thanks for letting me take a little glimpse in the dark haze of your wonderful sad soul. The same moon is also my only companion in this painfull road... this vale of tears...

Also to Mika Ahtiainen (wherever he is... miss you, dear...) 'cause he made me think about my "dark side" some time ago, and he knows he's an important part of my dark side fantasies :P

With silence comes peace,
with peace comes freedom,
with freedom comes silence.
Poets of the fall (Illusion and dream)
Por eso me quedé callada...

9 DE MAYO, 2006: DOOMSDAY...

“I think all great metal needs that killer mix of classic riffs and ripping
solos, something that has been a bit of a dying art recently. We are doing our
best to recreate that mix on this new album, and one thing I can guarantee is
that there will be tons of guitar for fans to headbang to. All in all, I am
really happy with the songs and I believe we have found the right balance of
melody and brutality - the Arch Enemy trademark!”
Michael Amott (guitars)

El pasado martes 9 de mayo tuve la oportunidad de estar en uno de los mejores conciertos que he visto: Arch Enemy en el Circo Volador (Ciudad de México)... los que no fueron pueden comenzar a arrepentirse porque se perdieron de un super tokín...

La banda de lo que algunos han dado en llamar Gothenburg metal (un sonido entre trash y death metal con toques melódicos... como Dark Tranquillity, por ejemplo) se presentó por primera vez en México demostrando que son una bandota que neta sabe dar un show en vivo: Angela Gossow con su excelente voz gutural y perfecto manejo del escenario (además de que se ve muy bien; chicos, apoco no se enamorarían de semejante metal-godess), el genial solo de batería de Daniel Erlandsson (ex In Flames, y un sujeto hermoso), la poderosa guitarra de Michael Amott (gran personalidad e impresionante cabello rojo), el headbangging profesional de Fredrik Akesson (también toca muy bien la guitarra), y el asombroso sonido del bajo de Sharlee D'Angelo (quiero, necesito y merezco).

Por casi dos horas pudimos hacer de headbanggers, bincar, gritar, cantar, entrar al slam, convivir con la numerosísima banda metalera que atascó el lugar (las secuelas como dolor de cuello, golpes, arañazos, etc. son una buena manera de recordar y volver a vivir la genial experiencia) y, obviamente, disfrutar del buen metal de esta maravillosa agrupación.

Me dejaron sin palabras... sólo me resta decirles que si aún no los han escuchado se están perdiendo de un nutritivo alimento para sus oídos, mente y espíritu...

Siguen leyendo? Qué esperan para ir a comprar un CD, bajar una rola o visitar la página o el sitio de myspace de Arch Enemy???!!!???


"I will find you, you found me"
(The Saint)

Dicen que nos enconramos y cruzamos caminos en esta vida porque de hecho nunca fuimos desconocidos, porque estábamos destinados a reencontrarnos y porque es nuestro sino estar juntos (quizá no tan fatídico como lo hice parecer, pero sí como un hecho inegable e imposible de evitar). Nos encontramos y nos volveremos a encontrar... Sólo de esa manera podremos completarnos.

A pesar de ello nos destrozan las despedidas, como si una parte de nosotros se desprendiera por tiempo indefinido, dejándonos con el temor de no volverla a tener jamás.

Muy distintos son los encuentros, una bocanada de aire fresco, la sensación de hormigueo en el estómago, la certeza de haber recuperado algo que nos pertenecía pero no teníamos consciente.

Los reencuentros, por su parte, son más excitantes, más viscerales; golpes contundentes que recibimos directamente en el estómago, en la cara, en las espinillas, un gancho al hígado... y cómo no vas a caer por KO tras toparte con aquello que considerabas perdido para siempre?

* A mis amigos de la prepa: Gracias por la golpiza, nos vemos al rato! ;) *


This gorgeous babe is Whisker, he lives with Alos, his sis and another beautiful cat... and whatch that: is saying "Meow" to me!!!

=^_^= <3

Thanks a lot!!!

I guess you already know that I love cats so badly ;) but maybe you didn't imagine that they've started to love me!!!

First my uni's cat, she's lovely: with her awsome blue eyes and her belly of pregnancy (we're gonna have kittens soon!!!), then this great pic... What will be next???


Kitsune (狐) is the Japanese word for fox. Japan is home to two subspecies of foxes: the Japanese Red Fox (Hondo kitsune living in Honshu; Vulpes vulpes japonica) and Hokkaido Fox (Kita kitsune living in Hokkaido; Vulpes vulpes schrencki). They are also associated with mythical beliefs in Japanese folklore.

In Japanese folklore, these animals are believed to possess great intelligence, long life, and
magical powers. Foremost among these is the ability to shapeshift into human form; a fox is said to learn to do this when it attains a certain age (usually a hundred years, though some tales say fifty). Kitsune usually appear in the shape of a beautiful woman, a pretty young girl, or an old man, but almost never an elderly woman.
Other powers commonly attributed to the kitsune include
possession, the ability to generate fire from their tails or to breathe fire, the power to manifest in dreams, and the ability to create illusions so elaborate as to be almost indistinguishable from reality. Some tales go further still, speaking of kitsune with the ability to bend time and space, to drive people mad, or to take such nonhuman and fantastic shapes as a tree of incredible height or a second moon in the sky. Occasionally kitsune are ascribed a characteristic reminiscent of vampires or succubi — these kitsune feed on the life or spirit of humans, generally through sexual contact.
Sometimes kitsune are depicted guarding a round or
pear-shaped ball (hoshi no tama or star ball). It is said those who obtain the ball can force the kitsune to help them; one theory says that the kitsune "reserves" some of its magic in this ball when it changes shape. Kitsune must keep their promises or suffer a deterioration in their rank and power.
Kitsune are often associated with the
deity of rice known as Inari. Originally kitsune were the messengers of Inari, but the line between the two has now become blurred to the point that Inari is sometimes depicted as a fox. There is speculation as to whether there is another shinto deity who is a fox him/herself, but little historical evidence to support this. Kitsune are connected to both the shinto and Buddhist faiths.
The folkloric kitsune is a type of
yōkai. In this context, the word kitsune is often translated as fox spirit. However, one should not take this to mean that a kitsune is not a living creature, nor that a kitsune is a different creature than a fox. The word spirit is used in its Eastern sense, reflecting a state of knowledge or enlightenment. Any fox who lives sufficiently long, therefore, can be a fox spirit. There are two major types of kitsune; the myobu or celestial fox — those associated with Inari, who are presented as benevolent — and the nogitsune, or wild fox (literally "field fox") who are often, though not always, presented as malicious.
The physical attribute kitsune are most noted for is their tails — a fox may possess as many as nine of them. Generally an older and more powerful fox will possess a greater number of tails, and some sources say that a fox will only grow additional tails after they have lived for a thousand years. After that period of time, the number increases based on age and wisdom (depending on the source). However, the foxes that appear in folk stories almost always possess one, five, or nine tails, not any other number.
When a kitsune gains nine tails, its fur becomes silver, white, or gold. These kyūbi no kitsune ("nine-tailed foxes") gain the power of infinite vision. Similarly in
Korea a fox that lives a thousand years is said to turn into a kumiho (literally "nine-tail fox"), but the Korean fox is always depicted as evil, unlike the Japanese fox, which can be either benevolent or malevolent. Chinese folklore also contains fox spirits with many similarities to kitsune, including the possibility of nine tails. There is some evidence that kitsune are an imported icon from China, but further textual and artistic support for the argument that they are indiginously Japanese, dating perhaps as far back as the fifth century, B.C.E.
In some stories, kitsune have difficulty hiding their tail — usually the foxes in these stories have only one, which may be an indication that this is a weakness born of inexperience — when they take human form; the observant protagonist sees through the fox's disguise when the drunken or careless fox allows its tail to show.
Foxes also have a great fear and hatred of
dogs, and some become so rattled by the presence of a dog that they will revert to the shape of a fox and flee.
In Japanese folklore, the kitsune are often presented as
tricksters — sometimes very malevolent ones. The trickster kitsune employ their magical powers to play tricks on people; those portrayed in a favorable light tend to choose as targets overly-proud samurai, greedy merchants, and boastful commoners, while the more cruel kitsune tend to abuse poor tradesmen and farmers or Buddhist monks.
However, there is a second common portrayal: as a lover. These love stories usually involve a young human male and a kitsune who takes the form of a woman. Sometimes the kitsune is assigned the role of seductress, but often these stories are romantic in nature. Such a story usually involves the young man (unknowingly) marrying the fox, and emphasizes the devotion of the fox-wife. Many of these stories also possess a tragic element — they usually end with the discovery of the fox, who then must leave her husband. On some occasions, the husband wakes, as if from a dream, to find himself far from home, filthy and disoriented, and must often return to confront his abandoned human family in shame.
Many stories tell of fox-wives bearing children. Such progeny of human-kitsune marriages are always human, but they are generally held to possess special physical and/or supernatural qualities, which are often passed to their children in turn. The specific nature of these qualities, however, varies widely from one source to another. Among those who are said to have inherited such extraordinary power is the famous
onmyoji Abe no Seimei, who is said to be a son of a kitsune hanyō.
The oldest known story of a fox-wife, which provides a folk
etymology of the word kitsune, is an exception to the norm in that it does not end tragically. In this story, the fox takes the shape of a woman and marries a human male, and the two, in the course of spending several happy years together, have several children. She is ultimately revealed as a fox when, terrified by a dog, she returns to her fox shape to hide, in the presence of many witnesses. She prepares to depart her home, but her husband prevails upon her, saying, "Now that we have spent so many years together, and I have had several children by you, I cannot simply forget you. Please come and sleep with me." The fox agrees, and from then on returns to her husband each night in the shape of a woman, leaving again each morning in the shape of a fox. Therefore, she comes to be called Kitsune — because, in the classical Japanese, "kitsu-ne" means "come and sleep," while "ki-tsune" means "always comes."
Some have suggested that the origins of the word "kitsune" can also be ascribed to an onomotopoeia: "kitsu" was said to be the sound produced by foxes in Japan, much in the way "woof" is supposedly the noise dogs make in the West. "-ne" can be translated to mean "noise," and so the word "kitsune" can also literally refer to the sound produced by a fox. However, "kitsu" has not been used as representative of the sound foxes produce for some time, if it ever was; modern Japanese transcribes the sound of a fox as "kon kon" or "gon gon."

Kitsunetsuki (also written kitsune-tsuki) literally means the state of being
possessed by a fox. The fox was believed to enter the body of its victim, typically a young woman, beneath her fingernails or through her breasts. In some cases, the victim's facial expressions were said to change in such a way that they resembled foxes. Japanese tradition holds that the possession can cause illiterate victims to temporarily gain literacy.
Lafcadio Hearn describes the condition in the first volume of his Japanese Fairy Tales: "Strange is the madness of those into whom demon foxes enter. Sometimes they run naked shouting through the streets. Sometimes they lie down and froth at the mouth, and yelp as a fox yelps. And on some part of the body of the possessed a moving lump appears under the skin, which seems to have a life of its own. Prick it with a needle, and it glides instantly to another place. By no grasp can it be so tightly compressed by a strong hand that it will not slip from under the fingers. Possessed folk are also said to speak and write languages of which they were totally ignorant prior to possession. They eat only what foxes are believed to like--tofu, aburage, azukimeshi, etc.--and they eat a great deal, alleging that not they, but the possessing foxes, are hungry." He goes on to note that, once freed from the possession, the victim will never again be able to eat tofu, azukimeshi, or other foods favored by foxes.
Victims of kitsunetsuki were often treated cruelly in hopes of forcing the fox to leave. It was not unusual for them to be beaten or badly burned. On some occasions, entire families were ostracized by their communities after a member of the family was believed to be possessed.
In Japan, kitsunetsuki was a common diagnosis for
insanity as recently as the early 20th century. Possession was the explanation for the abnormal behavior displayed by the afflicted individuals.
Kitsunetsuki is also an
ethnic psychosis unique to Japanese culture, which causes its victims to believe they are being possesed by a fox. Some of the symptoms of kitsunetsuki are cravings for rice or sweet red beans, listeness, restlesness, and an aversion to eye contact. It can be considered a form of clinical lycanthropy.

Embedded in popular folklore as they are, kitsune have made appearances in many contemporary Japanese works. A few Western authors have also made use of the kitsune legends. In
anime, kitsune are sometimes depicted in a manner similar to non-furry catgirls, usually as female, seductive and fond of alcohol. Other depictions of kitsune include:
Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: The Dream Hunters is a short story featuring a kitsune protagonist, lushly illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. Gaiman also mentions Kitsune briefly in his novel American Gods.
The series
Crescent Moon by Haruko Iida and Stuart Hazleton has a demon fox named Misoka Asagi as the unofficial leader of the Moonlight Bandits.
SNES/Super Famicom game Shadowrun features a female shaman named Kitsune. She can transform into a fox, which is also her totem animal, and is an extensive magic user.
In some
Legend of Zelda games, Keaton is a yellow 'ghost fox.'
Mega Man X Command Mission there is a set of secret bosses named OneTail through NineTails, and each looks like an anthropomorphic fox with the described number of tails.
Mega Man Zero 3, there exist one super-effeminate male character going by the name Kyuubit Foxtar, and he can creat some sort of 'tail', as many as 9 of them.
Ragnarok Online, the kitsune is featured as a powerful monster called a ninetails, and as a boss named Moonlight Flower.
Shippo from InuYasha. As a nod to the shapeshifting abilities sometimes attributed to kitsunes, Shippo is capable of taking many forms through use of a green leaf on his head, in the manner of the tanuki.
Ryutarō from
Pom Poko.
A shapeshifting kyūbi no kitsune named Sakura is one of the main characters of the anime
Hyper Police.
The spirit of a kyūbi no kitsune, called the
Nine Tailed Demon Fox (Kyūbi no Yōko), was sealed within Uzumaki Naruto, the main character of Naruto (Note: "yōko" is another name for the mythical fox creature). Naruto has fox-like whiskers on his face and has a prankster personality, one of such pranks involves his "Sexy Jutsu", in which he transforms into a beautiful naked girl.
Shuichi Minamino, the human alias of Kurama a main character of Yu Yu Hakusho, is a reincarnated bandit or thief kitsune named Yoko Kurama.
Konno Mitsune of
Love Hina is almost exclusively referred to as Kitsune due to her sly prankster nature, her fondness for alcohol, and her almost always closed eyes, which make her appear fox-like.
The story of the nine-tailed fox is told by Shuri Kurogane in
Ran, Akira Kurosawa's epic retelling of King Lear.
Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo features a female fox character with the stage name "Kitsune," who is a trickster and master thief.
One of the two main characters of Andi Watson's comic Skeleton Key is a transplanted kitsune with a sweet tooth named Kitsune.
The protagonist of
Kij Johnson's novel The Fox Woman is likewise a kitsune named Kitsune.
White Wolf Game Studio's Werewolf: The Apocalypse roleplaying game features a race of shapeshifting fox-men known as the "Kitsune."
In the
Magic: The Gathering collectible card game, the kitsune appear in the Champions of Kamigawa block as a race of noble, plains-dwelling samurai and clerics.
Fantasy author
Mercedes Lackey introduced kitsune characters in her Serrated Edge novels.
An issue of the Psycho Circus comic book, starring the members of the band
KISS as cosmic beings, featured a story where a feudal-era samurai is trapped in a traveling circus populated by kitsune.
Miles "Tails" Prower, the sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog, is a fox with two tails that enable him to fly.
In the hit anime
Rurouni Kenshin, Takani Megumi is nicknamed "Kitsune" and even portrayed as one in some episodes by Goro Fujita (Hajime Saitou).
In the series
Angel Tails (Tenshi no Shippo) there are two kitsune: Akane is a young benevolent guardian spirit, while her mother seeks to become a nine-tail fox and throw humans into a pit of fear.

The Kitsune Page
Foxtrot's Guide to Kitsune Lore
Kitsune.org folklore
Kitsune, Kumiho, Huli Jing, Fox - Fox spirits in Asia, and Asian fox spirits in the West An extensive bibliography of fox-spirit books.
Portal of Transformation: Kitsune in Folklore and Mythology

Anyway, who has almost all the credits of my gorgeous nickname is this awsome girl, Konno Mitsune from Love Hina:

Info obtenida de WIKIPEDIA, una de las básicas fuentes de información (ah, la neta la idea surgió gracias al ocio de Alos quien me paso el dato de la info, je je je)

* Otra creación de OSCURO POETA *
(bastante bien para haber surgido de un extraño experimento poético... 14 palabras...)


Bosques lóbregos sembrados de espadas y cráneos
donde la lluvia atestigua el fin de la batalla
Escudos, calderos destartalados
cadenas rotas

Madrugadas febriles
Cargadas de oníricos presagios

La Tierra gira en goznes helados
Y en la mesa de Merlín
arrugados mapas esperan los trazos
que perfilarán las marchas del regreso

El tiempo pasa
como un dragón herido
que arrastra las alas

El plenilunio
extiende un manto de niebla, y en su cripta
Gilwen repasa un oscuro rosario de sangre

Desde la Garganta de los Elfos
se escuchan voces lúgubres
La muerte no es la muerte, dicen
Los recién nacidos serán los nuevos demiurgos

Gilwen abre los ojos, desata los nudos de un sueño
sus manos mágicas abaten telarañas
y su aliento de estrellas desempolva los cacharros

Junto a ella yace la armadura, vacía ya
del consorte que murió por rescatarla
Gilwen se asoma por el vitral
y en un silencio profundo
invoca a las diosas primigenias

Se abren las nubes
tambores lejanos atestiguan el ritual


Hace unas horas recibí esto... Un poema hermoso...
Sólo quiero agradecer a "OSCURO_POETA" por haber fraguado estas maravillosas líneas y haberme regalado un poco de felicidad con su nocturna lectura. GRACIAS!!!

Veo en tu mirada muchísima luz
Veo en tu mirada sabiduría
no de los años transcurridos
sino de los eones que llegarán
como una espiral de voces muertas

Sin saberte te conozco
pues tus labios dicen en silencio
palabras del arroyo legendario
del bosque murmurante
donde las hadas grises
destruyen presagios
y construyen arcoiris

Los dragones en concilio
discuten la forma
que tendrá el amanecer

Y en las fauces de la noche
tu recuerdo será un hilo
para reencontrar mi alma perdida
y beber del cántaro
donde Galadriel
escondió la luna

abril/ 2006


Cheleando en el Euro (Zacatecas). Apoco no nos vemos geniales?

"... algún imbécil preguntó que por qué llevaba sin escribir tanto tiempo.

Para qué perder el tiempo en esto cuando uno se puede dedicar simplemente a vivir."

Renfield (El ojo de-). Una rosa para Rosa

Echándola en el jardín del museo Rafael Coronel (Zacatecas)

Pues sí, estoy de regreso... Después de haberme quedado sin vida y golpeado una que otra vez contra la pared, he intentado dedicarme a vivir (con lo que mis posibilidades me permiten pues sigo con muy poco tiempo y llena de estrés y trabajo): salir con mis amigos, viajar, embriagarme, evitar el tabaco -ok, para muchos eso no es vivir, para mí tampoco, sólo lo hago para sentirme mejor-, reeencontrarme con Él -y pasar una madrugada muy agradable previa a mi horrendo examen de Historia del Español-, descansar, hacer de cuenta que estoy trabajando, regresar a un sitio que me ayudó sobremanera en una extraña etapa de mi vida, gastar dinero en trivialidades mundanas...

Vista aérea del Museo Rafael Coronel. Un bellísimo edificio antiguo
He perdido demasiado tiempo. Necesito dedicarme a vivir mi no-vida, disfrutar mi soledad y ser feliz con tu compañía, leer por diversión, escribir en servilletas...


Por qué me gusta tanto el dolor? Por qué disfruto sobremanera con el metálico sabor de la sangre, con el dolor de los otros, con tus quejumbrosos gemidos?

Supongo que a todos nos gusta saber que aún estamos vivos (o que seguimos no-muertos), el dolor nos ayuda a ello; pero su vital papel no se queda ahí, es sensual y sexual por naturaleza, es uno de los polos más perfectos del placer y una de las vías más maravillosas hacia la comprensión de uno mismo...

Sé que quizá ustedes no piensan de la misma forma, pero pláticas y sucesos recientes me han llevado hasta aquí (además de que no he dormido mucho que digamos y parece que hoy no será la excepción :P), el dolor no sólo físico sigue encaminándome hacia un mejor conocimiento de mi persona y de los demás, y quizá a sentirme mejor.

Lo veo triste por que no es fácil para él la prueba que el universo le ha puesto en frente y también me duele, pero ambos sabemos que todo ello forma parte de la vida (o de mi no-vida), pero aún no tenemos una idea clara de qué hacer con el sufrimiento, aún no lo educamos a nuestra conveniencia; por ello es preferible disfrutarlo, hacerlo parte de nosotros y esperar a que las cicatrices aparezcan y a que, pronto, podamos unir nuestro dolor en uno solo.

Me muerdo los labios y siguen sangrando...

I hurt myself again just to feel the pain

Burnt all the bridges I have passed

No looking back to the life I once had

-The hate for myself is all that´s left now

"As blood runs down my arms I feel peace in my heart…"

On my skin the razor blade is shining bright

The veins show clearly through, my blood is running wild

This wrath that runs inside my veins

This hate that burns inside the ruins of my heart

I´ve got to let it out I can´t control it anymore

"As blood runs down my heart I feel peace in my heart…"

On my skin the razor blade is shining bright

The veins show clearly through, my blood is running wild

The deep red flowing within, longing to be free

A little pressure´s all it takes to make me bleed…to death



La verdad no me gusta mucho hacer estas cosas (bueno, sí he contestado algunos test de qué personaje de DnD eres o eso, pero no los había subido al blog a pesar de haberlos tenido en código HTM o alguno semejante), pero esta me llamó la atención y me sorprendió...

Parece que mis acciones dicen que tengo 23... bueno, sólo dos años más de los biológicos... les juro que pensé que me iba a salir como 15 o algo así, je je je...
Hagan la prueba, cuántos años mentales tienen ustedes?

You Are 23 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.


Lo sé, últimamente he sido un tanto floja para postear en este lóbrego y oscuro espacio basado en la dicotomía dialéctica exhibicionista-voyer... pero al menos me he puesto a chambearle un poquito al layout (ya sé que no se nota, pero aparenten que sí) y como se habrán dado cuenta ya tengo nuevos links con banners bonitos y eso... No se pueden perder la oportunidad de visitarlos, en cada uno de ellos encontrarán una escencial parte de mí, mis gustos y mi mundo (sobretodo en mis sitios personales) y una oportunidad para expandir su universo.

Así que no se olviden de seguir visitando este bellísimo caos porque pronto podrán leer más acerca de libros, arte, metal, mi vida y las de ustedes (ja ja ja -sonido de truenos- ja ja ja)... además de las locuras ya características de estos lares cibernéticos.

Lamentablemente el Photobucket me falló el día de hoy y mi bonita animación se apestó, así que se van a tener que conformar con una secuencia de las mejores imágenes de cómo me veo trabajando para "DESDE EL ENSIMISMAMIENTO..."

Dudas, comentarios, sugerencias, donaciones (en efectivo y especie), mentadas, insinuaciones, invitaciones... se acepta de TODO (o casi todo) para mejorar este blog ;)

Definitivamente un sitio hecho con sangre, sudor y lágrimas; donde he dejado mi vida y gran parte de mi ser...

"Mientras el destino me lo conceda continuaré fumando"
Fernando Pessoa-Álvaro de Campos (Tabaquería)

Después de dedicar más o menos 7 años de mi vida a las maravillosas seducciones del tabaco, parece que ha llegado el momento de despedirme y decir adiós a tan grato amigo brumoso, compañero evanescente, forma ambigua de contar el tiempo, excitante vicio...
Quizá deba hacer una advertencia, no estoy diciendo que lo vaya a dejar para siempre (maybe so, maybe not, who knows), sólo sé que este proceso implicará mucho tiempo y mucho esfuerzo...

smoking... un poco de nostalgia...

Sangre, dolor, faringitis, preocupación: las fatídicas señales de que todo debía terminar (ya saben que me gusta ser un tanto hiperbólica) y que era un buen momento para poner a prueba mi mil veces vencida y fracturada fuerza de voluntad. Así que aquí estoy: poco más de un mes sin fumar, con deseos de matar a alguien por la ansiedad que me da de repente y haciendo lo más que puedo para conseguir mi propósito.

En verdad es sumamente difícil dejar algo que ha estado en tu vida por tanto tiempo y ha formado parte de ti, de tu estilo de vida, tu alma, tu ser, algo que constituía gran parte de tu exterior e interior (creo que me está pasando lo mismo con mi proceso de saneamiento sentimental... sí, estoy intentando dejarlo ir, olvidarlo, permitir que siga con su novia, su vida, su trabajo y sus tonterías...), por ello no estoy segura si podré lograrlo, si conseguiré vivir sin un brazo, una pierna o un pulmón... cosa que no logré hace poco más de un año...
Sólo que esta vez es diferente, por parte mía y de los otros ha habido dolor, golpes, sangre, sufrimiento, decepción, asombro...

Por ello fui al cine a ver los once excelentes cortos de Jim Jarmusch: Coffee and Cigarrettes, para darme cuenta de lo hermosa que es la vida con tabaco, de que café y cigarro son la perfecta combinación y de que no sé qué demonios estoy haciendo...

"Farewell my friend, farewell"
Blind Guardian (Nom the wise)

Será definitivo??? Hope I could do it last forever, but it's so hard for me...
"Now that I quit I can smoke one 'cause I quit"
Iggy Pop y Tom Waits (Coffee and cigarrettes - Somewhere in California)
Just kidding...


Here I'm back again...
Still stressed because of my finals, which haven't finished yet (I wanna all this ends quickly); still (or much more) crazy, still fascinantly freak...

Just wanna thank people who read this and, mostly, the ones who have left a comment.

Stay in touch for soon it'll be a new post about... (nope, it's a surprise... ok, maybe I don't know yet what to post, but believe me it's gonna be great)...

"There are no gods in my nights and days.

I'm my biggest lord and I allways will"

Chaotic me - To/Die/For


Sometimes I feel I can't handle my life and all this shit we live through, but also I feel I love world and all that lives and exists in it... You know, I love feeling depressed 'cause it makes me really happy (maybe it's an important part of my gothic being), but people who knows me will agree that I'm a very nice person who is always laughing and saying lots of dumb things...
A few days ago I realized that I can't have by my side people forever, that there's a long way between have sex and make love, that life is just a little lapse of the eternity we call time, that friends are like blood (always come fast when you have a wound), that music and literature are miracles that help us to forget our life of sorrow (as says Edguy's song), that as the same I need a time in solitude I need a word, a hug and a kiss, that life is a kind of nightmare (exciting and fearfull at the same time)...

I guess I need to rest (but not in peace, not yet), again...

I rather be sleep: wakefulness is much more terrible than dreams (or nightmares)...