"We all are moons with our dark side
which is not shown to anyone
unless we want it."
(or something like that)
Mark Twain (The adventures of Mark Twain)

Life is a masquerade, a stupid comedy, an absurd play in which we all are characters -coherent but common, vulgar- which run directly to find our end in the third act.

But what's behind the mask? Beyond the face everybody sees?

Nothing but ourselves, nothing but our darkness: the most beautiful part of a human being, the secret most carefully saved, the truth of what we are and believe, our inner feelings, a riddle wraped in a mystery wraped in an enigma.

Mrs. Le Guin said once that "we like to think we live in daylight, but half the world is always dark" and I add, as ourselves; so why many of you feel ashamed of what you really are or feel?

Drak side is waiting to be felt, explored and loved. Just remember to show it only to the ones who deserve that amazing privilege, don't throw pearls to the pigs.

To YOU, thanks for letting me take a little glimpse in the dark haze of your wonderful sad soul. The same moon is also my only companion in this painfull road... this vale of tears...

Also to Mika Ahtiainen (wherever he is... miss you, dear...) 'cause he made me think about my "dark side" some time ago, and he knows he's an important part of my dark side fantasies :P