Para seguir con la euforia por TO DIE FOR, he aquí las letras de las rolas que más me gustan (Live in you y Little deaths suenan genial en vivo!!!)...

IV (2005)

Can't find a reason you should respect in me
you're happy when you get me on my knees
hate me, hurt me, kill me
do whatever you want
why should I care?
I'm not the one who'll lose
I'm not the one who surrenders
I am what I am
is it so hard to understand?
I'm the king on my land
hate me, hurt me, kill me
think about me what you want
you cannot trample me under your feet.
Hurt me once hurt me twice
I'm not the one who cries
Later it's you who feels pain
Kill me once kill me twice
I'm not the one who dies
My life is full of little deaths
I will be born again.

Life, like a poison in me
Destroyed my innocence and dreams
I've been told life is the gift
Oh, that gift makes me sick!
Smiling faces, those happy ones
I feel nothing
I'm totally numb
But in the silence of the night-time with you
I can feel momentary warmth
You are too much for me to lose
Endlessly I love you
My blood still runs just because of you
You are too much for me to lose
Endlessly I love you
You're my shine
You're my rain
When comes the day of my destiny
Without you I won't leave
You're the shining light in the middle of the dark
You're the rain in my withered heart


The last breath
The last breath of life,
It seems like ages when I really tried.
I wait, Iwait for the night in daytime
I just can't see the light.
I'm awake,
I still the same.
I embrace the pain and walk throught the rain.



I need you like a vampire needs blood
am I in love for real
my whole soul is aching for you

should I be happy or should I cry
I don't know I've never felt this way before
there's nothing sacred but you

if you'll bleed I'll bleed with you
if you! (will) die I will die with you
is this the feeling called love

will you take this death from me
if it makes us feel that we are alive
there is nothing sacred but you and I

as the blood runs in your veins
I wanna be inside of you
I wanna live in you
as the pain you wanna keep inside! (you) !

I need you like the devil needs sin
you are my obsession
I will never let you go