*Ignore images of the video, just listen to the music and read...*

I was laying on my bed trying to get some sleep or at least a couple of hours of rest: no thoughts (well, there's one which doesn't wanna go, but I'm almost used to it after 3 months of daily coexistence), no clothes, no life... when suddenly I was repeating those verses from elementary school over and over again in my head, the stream of consciousness soundtrack: Melankolia by CMX... glad it was a cool song and not the voices again (I'll post about it another time)...

Mi vida es un erial:
flor que toco se deshoja.
Que en mi camino fatal
alguien va sembrando el mal
para que yo lo recoja.

And somehow I know that "alguien" it's me (and it's way too much different from Alguien, the male character form Puntos suspensivos tale). I'm the one who's closing every door and blocking every path I can go through. And it's really sad the fact of accepting I'm my own backstabber.

Anyways, I opened my beloved ITunes in order to listen to CMX 'cause my insomniac mind just catches the music and the lovely sound of finnish, but not the whole song idea, and then I really don't know why I checked my email just to find that my essay about a comparative study between Borges and Ende was accepted by University of Yucatán so now I have an official excuse for going to Mérida next month!
*tries to hide a smile -it hurts to smile-*
I'd prefer to be stalking a certain someone in Puebla those days, but the white city (and I'm not talking about Gondor), the pyramids and maybe the beach are waiting for me.

I found a little hole in the wall I can walk through to get out of this mess I've created and maybe that way I'll be able to think about every silly thing I've said and done lately...

Strange things of Universe: another smile 'cause Mika is online and it had been so long since last time we talk!!!
*finn music, finn fave guitarist and finn soul*